OPINION: Prolonged University Closure Deserves Presidential Attention


The closure of Nkrumah University adds to an unfolding unfortunate tale about the state of tertiary education in Zambia. Nkrumah University was closed on Monday with students forced out of campus by the police as the institution grapples with the challenges of transition from a college to a university. The two leading institutions the University of Zambia (UNZA) and the Copperbelt University (CBU) have remained closed longer than they should have. Both universities have been caught in the cholera outbreak that has hit the country with sanitation cited as the major reason the two institutions have remained closed. The better informed know better than the sanitation gibberish the nation has been fed with the issue of allowances at the core of the prolonged closure. Both universities have been closed from last year in November with first year students that were accepted languishing at home. Higher Education minister professor Nkandu Luo has been less than enthusiastic to act on the problems that have be-dogged higher learning institutions partly because of a petty feud that she has with students on social media. Angered by their continued stay away from school the students have instigated an anti Luo crusade that has ridiculed the minister with caricatures of her in manly features flaunted on social media.

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