Zambian Actor Shines In New ‘Black Panther’ Movie


Zambian actor, Patrick Shumba Mutukw, has recently given an interview on what it is like to be part of such an iconic film. Talking to Time Machine Zambia the actor explained it was an ‘unbelievable experience.’ TMZ: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and upbringing? Patrick Shumba Mutukwa: Thank you for having me. I am the 3rd born out of a family of 6. Born at the UTH hospital in Lusaka Zambia. Growing up in ZAF Lusaka was great except the friends you grew up with would eventually move to a different city as soon as their parents retired. It was hard keeping friends as a kid. As a result of that, my siblings became my best friends.
We moved to Dambwa, Livingstone when I was in the 6th grade. Life had to start all over again.Making new friends and starting a new way of life. My dad would eventually pass away when I was in the 9th grade leaving behind a widow who was a housewife for most of her life.
We struggled a lot. The life we knew turned upside down. It wasn’t uncommon to go days without food. Despite all of this, we bonded together as a family and also fell in love with the community.
My first stage experience was at Future Hope Church where I was an usher and a worship leader. It also helped that I was a Head Boy at Linda High School in 2001 as well as the Debate Club President.

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