Selling indeni to foreigners is criminal


It will be imprudent for Edgar Lungu and his minions to sell such a huge stake in Indeni to foreign enterprises. Oil supply is too important to our economy to leave in foreign private capital hands.
As Radical Revolutionary Party leader Vincent Chaile correctly observed, it is irresponsible for Edgar and his minions to give huge shares of Indeni to foreign private companies.
It is indeed very irresponsible for the government to give foreign private companies 49 per cent shares of Indeni Oil Company.
And as Chaile asks, what is really motivating Edgar and his minions to sell Indeni? Is it kickbacks? And what type of bribes are they given? Five companies have been shortlisted for the next stage of selecting a strategic partner for Indeni Petroleum Refinery Company Limited.
The Industrial Development Corporation has announced that out of the seven that submitted applications for pre-qualifications, five had been shortlisted.
“The five companies that will be invited to submit Request For Proposals are: 1. Glencore Energy Limited of the United Kingdom 2. China Petroleum Technology and Development Corporation of China 3. Joint Stock Company Global Security of Russia 4. Sahara Energy Resources Limited of the United Kingdom; and 5. Beijing Huiersanji Green Chem – Tech Co. Ltd and Avic International Holding Corporation Consortium of China,” announced the Industrial Development Corporation last week.

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