Govt revises minimum wage for domestic, shop & general workers


Government has revised upwards the minimum wage for domestic,shop and general workers in the Country effective 10th September 2018. Domestic workers who were earlier earning a gross pay of K5, 22.4 will now be getting a gross pay of K993.60 per month. Highest paid shop workers that were being paid the gross pay of K2, 372.12 will now be getting a monthly gross pay of K3, 558.9 while the highest paid general workers will now be getting K3, 151.61.

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kaunda Mutale Bwalya

What is more money when you are exposed to harsh govt policies that are taxing you exorbitantly on everything you lay hands on? Its a welcome move of increasing minimum wage but it doesn’t make sense the Zambian market is now infested with choncholis who are now selling tomatoes and vegetables like our fellow poor Zambians whilst our so called lawmakers are watching this sought of exploitation. Government policy makers are just busy with AVIC international and other curtailed Choncholi contractors. I don’t seem to see enhanced better living standards when prices are being hiked everyday. What economic forces are… Read more »