UK confirms freezing of aid to Zambia; we don’t tolerate fraud, corruption – Fergus


British High Commissioner to Zambia Fergus Cochrane-Dyet has confirmed that his government has suspended all bilateral funding to Zambia owing to rampant corruptions, fraud and embezzlement of donor aid within government ministries. High Commissioner Cochrane-Dyet was commenting on a story published by News Diggers quoting the Africa Confidential report that UK had requested a refund of about US$4 million which was misappropriated by recipient government organisations.

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Please understand that nothing will change in Zambia, as far as corruption is concerned-because the guy leading the country is himself corrupt to the core. Corruption starts with him, then his ministers, then other departments of government, and so on. Corrupt Lungu has no will to fight corruption in Zambia. He is a beneficiary of corruption in the government. So how can he stop it? He can”t even call out anyone on corruption in his cabinet, because he knows that they know about his corruption too. So Zambia will continue to suffer high levels of corruption until corrupt Lungu is… Read more »