Why EU – Africa cooperation is essential for global democracy and the economy


By Edgar Lungu Upon becoming President, I took an oath to better the lives of the people of Zambia. Not just the lives of those that voted for me, but the lives of each and every person who calls our nation their home. In order to achieve this, I knew that Zambia needed to cooperate more than ever with its international partners and international institutions like the EU.  I believe that a better future for Zambia will be a consequence of reaching out the hand of cooperation to our strategic allies and working together in areas of mutual interest. These relationships must be mutually beneficial and well balanced. It is therefore, encouraging to see that after the 2018 State of the European Union address by President Juncker, that the EU seeks to reinvigorate the EU-Africa partnership on a more equal footing and on a broad range of issues. Africa is more than one issue. It is a diverse, thriving, and vibrant continent. It is rich with the ambitions, innovation and determination of our young people.

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