Sesheke By-Election Results to Delay


The Electoral Commission of Zambia has announced a delay in declaration of results for today’s Sesheke parliamentary by-election because “seven polling stations are not easily accessible”. “Sesheke Constituency in Western Province has 27,872 registered voters, 43 polling stations and 52 polling streams. Seven (7) out of these forty-three (43) polling stations are not easily accessible. The Commission, therefore, wishes to inform all political parties, stakeholders and the General Public that the election results for the seven (7) polling stations will only be available on Wednesday 13th February, 2019,” Electoral Commission of Zambia public relations manager Margaret Chimanse has stated. “The affected polling stations are either serviced by Chopper which is unable to fly at night or accessible via the Zambia-Namibia Border that closes at 18:00 hours.

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