OPINION: Keeping Fit: Lessons From Lungu’s Morning Runs


Starting to exercise isn’t a problem for many. What usually is a tough job is sticking to the exercise plan; staying the course! I used to be an exercise junkie but slackened a couple of months ago such that I pant terribly after only a kilometer of a jog. I simply failed to stick to the plan I had drawn up for myself! What happened to me? Discipline eluded me. Making a choice to stay fit through consistent exercising requires a high level of discipline. Starting an exercise plan and staying the course are two totally different things! For others, exercises are only for fat people (a term some women find offensive). Not at all! We all need to exercise – the fat, the slim, tall, short, name them. I always watch with envy the President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu, religiously taking on his morning jogs with teams of different people, including ministers, parastatal heads, other government officials and heads of private institutions. For a moment, I never thought that the ‘presidential run’ was going to be sustained. And I can bet you some of his ministers get to grouch about that! You can literally see some gasping for breath and dragging their feet while trying to keep pace with the President.

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