OPINION: Kambwili Thrives on Being a Loud Mouth


Former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has dominated the headlines in the recent past. When he is not throwing political tantrums in the press, Kambwili is making appearances at the courts of law that have become his political playground. In any case, Kambwili is not a quiet guy. He has always thrived on being a loud mouth. But his mouth is not his biggest enemy. Rather, what has become Kambwili’s Achilles heel is his political indecisiveness. On one hand, he would be proud to stand tall insisting that he is a Patriotic Front member of parliament whilst also passionately proclaiming to be the leader of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) on the other. It had to take parliamentary intervention to get him to straighten out his political status, albeit with resistance. The former Information Minister then proclaimed that he would not challenge the declaration of his seat vacant but was back in court a few days later challenging the Speaker’s decision. The drama was not to end with the Constitutional Court as halfway through the process, he abandoned the action only to resurrect it in the High Court. Such has been the indecisiveness of the motor-mouthed Kambwili.

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