Withdrawals from NDF a Sign That the Process is A Sham, says HH


The withdrawal by some participants at the ongoing National Dialogue Forum (NDF) has clearly proved that the whole process is a sham, mockery and a dubious attempt to legitimise dictatorship and criminality in the country, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has charged. Hichilema has said the constitutional making process should not be subjected to “an exclusive club of the PF” to the exclusion of other key stakeholders who have a broad based agenda for the greater good of all Zambians. “We insist on an all-inclusive constitutional making process that must be chaired by a neutral and credible  arbitrator who are, in this case, the three church mother bodies who have previously shouldered this responsibility during critical and uncertain  times in our nation’s history,” Hichilema said.

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