HH Calls for Complete Stop to Infrastructure Spending


Hakainde Hichilema, the UPND president, has advised the government to completely stop spending on infrastructure development and institute corrective policies to reverse the negative trends in the economy. Hichilema, in reaction to finance minister Margaret Mwanakatwe’s statement yesterday in which she revealed Cabinet’s decision to stop new non-concessional borrowing and cancel signed but undisbursed loans, among other new austerity measures, said the current government must admit the mistakes made in the past and take on advice from stakeholders. “Own up to your past mistake so you can genuinely learn from them, and maybe we can then all move past them toward sincere and serious problem solving together; and take our advice in good faith as it is offered in good faith; institute the well-rounded set of corrective policy and structural reform measures we have been advocating for so long now. Draw on our expertise, strategic thinking and advice; it will help this country and our people…The need to stop the rampant theft of people’s resources by fighting corruption meaningfully/ significantly and not the current symbolic/half hearted way which smacks of complicity by those in authority,” Hichilema stated in a statement.

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