Zambia Police Service Seeks 3,000 Officers Ahead Of 2021 Elections


Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has said the Zambia Police Service needs to build up its numbers and has therefore requested that the government authorises the recruitment of 3,000 officers ahead of next year’s general election. The IG, who was speaking at the Zambia Police Superiors’ Annual Ball in Lusaka on Friday, said there will be increased political activities starting this year which will require increased police presence. “My command is aware of emerging political forces working in conspiracy to elicit undesirable behaviours inimical to the peace and good order of our country. At the same time, we have observed with concern the emerging crime trends such as use of guns and other offensive weapons perpetuated by some suspected political cadres. Further, we regret that some individuals have gone to the extent of daring police by posting their images on social media whilst armed and dressed in regalia which resembles that of the police and the military with intent to cause fear and alarm to the general public. Your excellency, the gravity of events we anticipate to take place as we head towards the general elections need us to build up on our numbers. It is in this respect that we humbly request your excellency, to consider granting us special authority to recruit 3,000 officers this year, so that we have enough man power to prepare adequately and be able to police the 2021 tripartite elections,” Mr Kanganja appealed to President Lungu.

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