OPINION: Zambia Needs A New Political System To Attain Economic Emancipation


Those calling Paul Kagame’s Rwanda authoritarian have no discipline to live and appreciate Rwanda’s house rules, just like an indisciplined child sees a right parent authoritarian. Even Lucipher rose against what he termed an authoritarian God. He wanted his own roof not because God was bad. Similarly, the opposition in Zambia today are not in politics to fight Edgar Lungu because he is not able to provide for an ordinary child in rural Zambia but because, like in the case of satan, they want Edgar Lungu’s seat. That is their priority. Do you seriously believe Hon. Harry Kalaba resigned because of corruption in the PF or that Mr. Hichilema believed himself when he was calling the then defense minister GBM a corrupt man? Let’s open our own minds and see the world as it really is not what we are told to believe. Aren’t we all looking up to China and for the right reasons? No one is discussing the authoritarian China it ought to be but the future we can all relate to, where technology breeds solutions.

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