OPINION: Let’s Encourage National Debate Because That’s What Democracy Is All About


I found the topic on Zambia Reports on the role of the opposition in Zambia, as to whether it exists to offer checks and balances or to misinform, very interesting. But it was even more interesting going through the comments which pointed to partisan inclinations void of facts on the ground. The topic, raised, is very important in helping correct the current toxic political environment. Maybe to take you back a bit, news of Zambia selling ZNBC, ZAFFICO and NRDC left many in these institutions gasping for breath and yet the opposition was clearly just politicking. Did Zambia gain anything from that propaganda? Today, someone is saying Bill 10, at Second Reading, is taking away powers from Bank of Zambia to print money so that the PF can print money for 2021 Elections and that the powers of Parliament to approve the contracting of national debt will equally be removed, among other falsehoods.

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