OPINION: When Will The Poverty The Majority Poor Wallow In Ever Touch Our Rich Politicians?


It’s just fair to assume that the Opposition Alliance was formed to displace the Patriotic Front promising to be a better government without stating how. I have always argued that you can’t change any government in a democratic state by simply fighting it but rather by drawing the attention of the majority voters to an alternative development agenda that should render the existing one obsolete. The Alliance failed to grow because it was a club of politicians who were more after the position of Head of State than they were after addressing the plight of an ordinary child in rural Zambia. Is it not mind blowing that the head of the Alliance would say “Zambia needs unity of purpose in the fight against the biased application of the law as regards to the various freedoms enshrined in the Constitution” and yet the same leader campaigned against a progressive enhanced Bill of Rights which would have moved the nation towards the same freedoms he wishes to discuss in the Alliance simply to achieve one’s elusive dream of becoming Head of State? Before you go on, please take a closer look at the photo I have attached and think for a moment whether any human being deserves such a life in Zambia and yet when government tries to invest in infrastructure development, one can only discuss corruption allegations. Why don’t we allow government to initiate poverty alleviation programmes while we seriously ensure accountability NOW instead of lying to the general public that only we can develop Zambia after 2021 General Elections? Will the child in the picture be there in 2021 or 2026 should the opposition lose? The Alliance should have been created to offer Zambians a new direction for a better future not merely to fight the Patriotic Front for the sake of it. It is an undeniable fact that, in terms of infrastructure development, the Patriotic Front government has changed the face of Zambia in a very short period of time in comparison to what was achieved under the 20 year reign of the MMD. Almost all of the negatives about the PF can be attributed to Zambia’s weak institutions which has allowed pilferage not necessarily by political leaders but mostly civil servants during the procurement process of the said infrastructure projects. This is why, what the Alliance should have focused on was our institutions autonomy in the manner they operate and not calls for regime change in the absence of why people must vote for the Alliance. If institutions remain the same, any new government, whether it’s the Alliance or a totally new one, will achieve very little in terms of real growth, FACT.

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