ANALYSIS: News Diggers Finds Sense In Our Call To Question An Overnight Economic Quick Fix


At Zambia Reports, we have, now and again, cautioned the nation against falling prey to fads and group think. Contrary to assertions that we are a paid up publication for the Patriotic Front, we have chosen to only do that which is right for an ordinary child in rural Zambia. What best way can one do this other than by working with the party in power, and lobbying where possible? News Diggers states that it is their responsibility to caution the electorate not to buy too much into the campaign promises that are now being churned out. If Bally becomes President next year, he will not fix it. He may fix some things and get started on the course of economic recovery, but he does not have sufficient magical powers to turn this country around from its current dive with the mere pronouncement of his election victory. “Not Harry Kalaba, not Chishimba Kambwili, not Nevers Mumba, not Andyford Banda, not Edith Nawakwi will fix this country. Not even Barack Obama can claim to have the overnight solution to our current crisis. Whoever becomes President next year must understand that they are taking over an extensively damaged country that will take a long time to fix. Be it Adada himself, Chitalu Chilufya, Bwalya Ng’andu or any other PF candidate, there is a mountain to climb ahead of us. In fact, whoever will succeed to fix Zambia will need to make very unpopular and harsh decisions,” read in part the editorial.

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