Wrong Munkoyo Roots Poison A Family Of 7, Killing One


A person has died while six other members of the same family are admitted to Mangango Mission Hospital in Kaoma District after consuming suspected poisonous local drink popularly known as Munkoyo. Both Police and Kaoma District Commissioner Kennedy Mubanga have confirmed the incident involving a family of Mangowa village in Chief Mutondo’s area in Kaoma. The seven family members took the suspected poisonous Munkoyo on Sunday morning for their breakfast and later developed stomach pains, vomiting and diarrhoea, resulting in the death of one family member. Mr. Mubanga identified the deceased as Imanga Mutoleka, aged 17. He said the suspected poisonous Munkoyo was brewed by the mother to the deceased who is also a victim. Mr. Mubanga said Councillor Mathias Mwenzala reported the matter to Police who rescued the victims and rushed them to Mangango Mission Hospital.

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