Zambian Breweries Continues To Support Local Farmers


As one of the largest buyers of agricultural produce in Zambia, the company is creating a much-needed market for the farmers, which is particularly important in the challenging environment amid the COVID-19 outbreak. “We depend on high-quality agricultural crops to brew our beers, so supporting the livelihoods of farming communities is vital for us. We are working with over 3000 direct farmers across 10 provinces at the moment, with produce ranging from barley to sorghum, maize and cassava, allowing us to brew the best beers,” said Zambian Breweries Agriculture Manager Chris Nicolle. As at the year-end 2019, the company purchased, just under, 2,000 tons of cassava and is looking to purchase a further 3,100 tons this season. This saw over 700 cassava farmers benefiting from the initiative.

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