COVID-19 and the AGRF 2020 Summit: A chance to act decisively on food insecurity in Africa


Agriculture and agribusinesses are the backbones of many African economies. Over 60% of the population in Africa is reliant on agriculture for their livelihoods and access to food.  This week, the most important and influential stakeholders in African agriculture and agribusiness will be convening virtually during the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) 2020 Summit. The forum is Africa’s foremost platform for discussion and innovation for the sector, a place where the most influential agribusiness stakeholders discuss and plan ways in which we can innovate.   The theme for this year’s conference is Feed the Cities, Grow the Continent; the event will be a call to action to tackle continent-wide food insecurity challenges, and the call will be more pertinent than ever. Creating and maintaining safe access to food systems across the continent is an age-old problem in parts of Africa; indeed, the Food and Agriculture Organisation at the United Nations estimates that 20% of the continent population is undernourished. A point to note: 30% of the Population in Zambia suffers from NIDS (Nutritional Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

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