PF Warns Its Youths Against Wearing Of Military Combat, Extorting Money From People


Lusaka ~ Fri, 25 Sept 2020
By ZR ReporterThe ruling PF has instructed its youths to stop extorting money from citizens in the name of the national youth executive committee and the party.
The PF has also warned youths against wearing military fatigues.
Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka on Thursday, PF national youth chairman Kelvin Sampa said when he addressed the media at his residence today that extorting the hard earned money from people is criminal and warned that anyone found wanting will face the wrath of the law as the ruling party does not support illegality.
His briefing follows reports that PF cadres have taken over markets and bus stations in some parts of the country, especially Lusaka, where bus operators and people trading from designated markets are made to pay extra fees.
PF officials, including President Edgar Lungu, have repeatedly condemned the illegality and ordered that such acts should stop.
Mr Sampa also instructed youths to stop using military combats and further instructed them to stop holding political activities without authority from relevant party structures.
He said the use of military combats would enable criminals take advantage as the country approaches the 2021 general elections.  

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