HH challenged to retract statement on cadres


Opposition Patriotic Front Vice President Given Lubinda Has Challenged President Hakainde Hichilema To Retract The Statement He Issued  When He Featured On A Radio Program Yesterday,  Defending The Action By Suspected Upnd Cadres Of Contininuing Attacking Pf Members By Saying That The Behaviour By Upnd Carders  Is A Normal Human Reaction. Speaking During A Press Briefing At The Pf Secretariat Mr. Lubinda Says The Statement  By President Hichilema Has Potential  To Promote Violence In The Country As It Encourages Upnd Cadres To Continue Attacking Pf Members. He Says There Is Need For President Hichilema To Discourage His Members From Continuing Causing Violence Against Pf Members As He Is The President For All Zambians And Not The Upnd  Only.

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