Lubansenshi parliamentary seat nullified


The Kasama High Court has nullified the election of PF’s Taulo Chewe as Lubansenshi Member of Parliament for Lubansenshi Constituency of Luwingu District of Northern Province.And the Kasama High Court has upheld the elections of George Chisanga and Robert Kalimi as Members of Parliament for Lukashya Constituency in Kasama District and Malole Constituency in Mungwi district respectively.Sitting in Kasama today, Lusaka based High Court Judge, Maria Mapani Kawimbe nullified the Lubansenshi election on account of electoral malpractice.Judge Kawimbe cited the distribution of mealie meal under the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) when there was no hunger to warrant the distribution of relief food.She also noted that the respondent also took advantage of the Social Cash Transfer money to influence people to vote for him.The Judge further noted that traditional leaders were also involved in partisan politics during the campaigns in the constituency.And Patrick Mucheleka who was one of the petitioners expressed happiness that the judge has agreed with him that the elections were also marred with serious corruption.But Mr Chewe says he will sit down with his lawyers to chat the next course of action.Meanwhile in another sitting, Lusaka based Court Judge, Matthews Zulu has upheld the election of George Chisanga as MP for Lukashya.Judge Zulu said he did not find proper evidence to warrant the nullification of the seat which was petitioned by Davies Mulenga of the UPND.And in another sitting, Lusaka based High Court Judge, Charles Zulu who was sitting in Kasama also dismissed the election petition against Malole MP, Robert Kalimi of the PF by losing UPND candidate, Chilufya Chikonkolo. 

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