‘Children should benefit from HIV vaccine’

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From Enock Ngoma in Boston, USA  –
A Researcher in HIV vaccines has said once a vaccine for HIV is found, it should also be administered to children.
US based Sara Schlesinger said in Boston yesterday when she addressed a team of journalists from different countries that children should also be vaccinated because most of them were engaging in sex at a tender age.
“These days’ children as young as 12 years are engaged in sexual activities, hence it will be important to have them vaccinated against HIV even at the age of two. That way, we shall ensure that the children grow up safe from contracting HIV,” she said.
The journalists are in Boston to attend the AIDS 2012 Vaccine Conference being held under the theme New Minds, New Ideas, New Approaches.
The conference was on Monday graced by the Governor of the State of Massachusetts Deval Patrick who said it was important to always collaborate in trying to find the cure or vaccine for HIV.

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