Mambo asks Jere to help motivate cops

Local News

BISHOP John Mambo has asked newly-appointed deputy Inspector General of police Solomon Jere to help motivate police officers.

Bishop Mambo said there was need to boost the morale of police officers because they were the worst looked after among defence personnel.

Bishop Mambo said it would be difficult for Dr Jere to fight corruption in the police if officers continued to live under poor conditions.

“If you come to one of the police camps near my farm, these (police officers) are the ones guarding the President, Vice-President, ministers and so forth but they are living in uncompleted houses which were built during Aaron Milner when he was home affairs minister. Some of them are senior officers in the force,” Bishop Mambo said. “To make matters worse, those grade 12s who are coming (to join the force) with excitement, they can’t stand such environment. The situation will force the officers to mount road blocks in order to at least have something to take home.

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