Nkana Water workers boycott work

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NKANA Water and Sewerage Company workers on Friday boycotted work demanding to be addressed by management on the continued erratic water supply in townships in Kitwe which they say is endangering their lives in areas where they reside.

According to workers who sought anonymity, workers wanted management to assure them when water supply would normalise so that their lives could be ‘safe’.

“We want them to address us because you know what is happening to many of us is that in areas like Kwacha, Chimwemwe and many other areas, once they see you in an Nkana Water attire, or work suit, they start warning you with all sorts of threats and we understand their frustrations because we also live in those communities. So we want to be addressed, our people need water 24 hours…” said one aggrieved worker.

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