Bad judiciary can lead to a failed state – Chongwe

Local News

DR Rodger Chongwe says a dysfunctional judiciary can lead the country into a failed state.

Dr Chongwe, who is a legal consultant, said there was need for the government to make the judiciary functional.

He, however, said the government was on track in terms of judicial reforms.

“We are on the right course because the problems that we have in this country, take for example, the judiciary, it is not an isolated problem.

This problem has surfaced in Senegal; it has surfaced in Kenya; it was a problem in Liberia where I was sent to assist in the rehabilitation of the judiciary there. It was a problem in Sierra Leone. It was a problem at one time in Ghana, but these problems were sorted out,” he said.

“What the new government is seeking to do is to make the judiciary functional because if it stays as dysfunctional as it is now, it will create a failed state.”

Dr Chongwe also urged the government to go the Kenya way in the constitution-making process.

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