Govt should be pro-poor – Fr Phiri

Local News

A CATHOLIC priest in Chipata has advised the government to always be pro-poor in its development activities.

In a sermon during morning Mass on Radio Maria yesterday, Fr Mathias Mchona-Phiri said the option for the poor was to show them love.

He said the Church was also advised to make a deliberate choice to care and show love for the poor in society.

“So if the state, the Church, we as Catholics, we as Christians have the same message it means we assimilate the values of Christ. Option for the poor is a very big challenge, ordinarily in our homes we know what people we are inviting; we know what people visit our houses. Do we take that deliberate choice to visit the poor? Do we have a deliberate policy to invite the poor? If it is visiting, we choose homes,” Fr Phiri said.

He said the government’s priority in terms of developmental projects should be given to the poor.

Fr Phiri said Zambia was on the right track in ensuring that the budget was pro-poor.

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