UNIP candidate asks Mufumbwe to feel sorry for him

Local News

UNIP candidate in this Thursday’s Mufumbwe by-election, Steven Kamwengo, has begged the people of Mufumbwe to feel sorry for him and elect him MP because he has contested the seat many times but failed.

And UNIP vice-president Njekwa Anamela has urged the electorate in Mufumbwe to elect an opposition candidate as member of parliament this Thursday, saying it is not important for the ruling party to win because any good government must be able to work with any popularly-elected leader.

At a rally addressed by Anamela to drum up support for him ahead of the poll, Kamwengo, in a heated address to his supporters many of whom just wore plain red T-shirts, said Mufumbwe people were his witnesses that he had contested the seat previously and failed but that on Thursday they should feel sorry for him and get him elected because this was his third time trying.

He urged voters to ignore MMD candidate Stafford Mulusa because he was not a resident of Mufumbwe.

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