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Government studying Auditor General’s report on RDA, says RB as he heads off to France

  ||    29 May 2010
President Rupiah Banda has disclosed that Government is studying the Auditor General’s report on the reported gross misappropriation of public funds at the Road Development Agency (RDA).

Diaspora Desk

  ||    2 January 2010
State House launches survey of Zambians in the Diaspora  What is this survey about? This survey is designed to find out more about Zambians living abroad, Click link:, including their wishes in the context of contributing to national development.

Feature of the Week

  ||    2 January 2010
Should Zambia be held to ransom by donors? CLEARLY the storm is over and little has remained of the heated reaction from the opposition and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) onslaught on President Rupiah Banda’s state of fact statement last June that donors were blackmailing Zambia sustained by the private media. Some one had to say it.
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