Nyirongo jail term reduced


Nyirongo jail term reducedThe Lusaka High Court has upheld the conviction of former Lands Minister Gladys Nyirongo for corruption and abuse of authority of office.The court has however reversed Rev Nyirongo’s jail sentence from four to two years.The sentence has been reduced to preserve her parliamentary position.The judgement was handed down by a panel of three Judges.These were High Court Judge in Charge Philip Musonda,Judge Albert Wood and Jane Kabuka of Ndola High Court.Reading the judgement Judge Kabuka noted that both the two grounds of appeal the appellant relied upon lapsed.The High Court has granted Reverend Nyirongo leave to appeal.This is in a matter where Reverend Nyirongo appealed against the four year jail term that the Lusaka magistrates court slapped on her in 2009, for corruption and abuse of authority of office.

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