The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

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The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Bonking Donkey » 28th September 2011, 18:48

Bonking would have been Man’s daily delight if women never kept good secrets to themselves. A Woman would rather fake an orgasm than tell a man bonking her what to do to activate ripples of orgasms in her. Why is this so?

I have given my women bonking pleasure they only imagined possible. The delight I feel in seeing their satiated laughs and smiles as a result of a good bonk pleases my heart exceedingly. It is better than to lose a presidential election. The resulting calmness, proximity and peacefulness of a good bonk has made me realize that if all Men mastered the skill of bonking their women well, World peace and security as espoused in the United Nations Charter will be a reality. When cuddled in my arms while I stimulate their physical and psychological sensations, women open up and share with me their deep, intimate sexual secrets, fears, concerns and experiences. I have made the following conclusions.

>Many Women do not climax orgasmically when bonking with their Men.
>Those Women who orgasm, most have only one orgasm.
>Some women must work really hard to get that one orgasm.
>Most women wish they could easily orgasm.
>Most are frustrated by their male partner’s impatience and lack of bonking skill.
>Most Women give up too easily and early in their quest for an orgasm. As a result;
>Most opt to fake it rather than make it.

The above facts are doubtlessly bad news to any Man. Women know that nothing eats into a Man’s ego and self esteem than the knowledge that he bonks badly. Trouble is Men hate to be told that they are doing it all wrong. Such mulfunction if revealed only worsens things instead of improving them. Tell a Man his bonking is bad and he will lose his erection. This further disappoints Women whose need for a good bonk is even more intense than Men’s. The solution for women is to fake an orgasm. The reasoning is that when a woman fakes orgasm Man believes it to be real and puts in a good performance increasing the probability of fulfilling the woman’s bonking needs. Sometimes this works but most times it only makes a man bonk with long deep rough and irregular thrusts that many women find painful.

A good bonk stimulates a woman physically and psychologically. A good bonk triggers ripples of sequential multiple orgasms in a woman which in turn excites her emotions to deeply fall in love.
Women are naturally wired to crave to be impregnated by the Man they LOVE. This is their evolutionally function in life; to receive the SEED from Man and bear an offspring. This hidden desire to fall pregnant lies at the core of a womans sexuality and determines how free a woman can feel in revealing her erotic triggers. Before she can reveal her sensual secretes, a woman wants to be sure her Man is the right Man. To qualify as a right Man you must discover those secretes that awakens the slut in your woman. Sadly, few men have the patience hence women end up sexually unfulfilled, frustrated and feeling used.

This feeling is reinforced as a woman bonked a variety of Men without herself being able to experience the much talked about orgasm. In her quest to satisfy her natural cravings for a good bonk and find a perfect match that she will be free to bonk without inhibitions, a woman begins to bonk one Man after another in what I call “Bonk Rotation”. Soon the Men folk tell tales of how easy it is to drill through her Benghazi and call her ‘Mayo Waluse’(mother of Mercy). Fellow women brand her a prostitute. Frustrated, she then hates bonking and calls it lousy, dirty and good only for Mans satisfaction. She stops bonking for the fun of it but begins to bonks to settle scores with society and revenge failed relationships. When being bonked she begins to just lay there still like a log, with no any kind of movement. Her Man gets frustrated and begins to cheat on her. Happiness eludes her, Divorce results and she vows never to marry again because all Men are bustards.

The good news however is that all women can be orgasmic. Did you know that a woman can actually cultivate a capacity to have orgasms? All it takes is practice, practice and practice. Experts aren’t sure what leads women to develop this aptitude. However, the truth is Women must take chief responsibility of their own orgasms; every woman must internalize the idea that bonking is predominantly a physical act which requires being in tune with her physical self.
The philosophy of life is that each one is responsible for his or her own actions. Likewise everyone is responsible for achieving his or her own orgasm. What this means is that you need to rely primarily on yourself, not your partners to get what you want out of bonking.
Most women don’t realize that there is a remarkable benefit in being a highly orgasmic woman. The first benefit is that you receive a huge amount of physical and psychological stimulation leading to your complete gratification that calms you down.
Secondly, when a woman is bonked and she achieves a genuine intense orgasm, her Man feels great for being able to give her so much pleasure. He starts to think he is the greatest thing that happened since the invention of flushing toilets. His ego swells up and he begins to think you are a remarkable woman able to tune up your feelings for him. He loves you more for that and quits cheating because other women are not getting as orgasmic as you are. There bonking failures makes him feel inadequate and incompetent. He abandons them for you focusing all his finances and love on you making you the envy of your community. Huge benefits all because you are an orgasmic woman.
“Is that so Aunty Josephine?” Freakazoid asked as I finished counseling her.
“Yes” I said
“So Aunty Josephine you recommend that I should be bonking more?” Asked Freakazoid
“Off course you should, its good for your health. I said.
“Am wet already just thinking about it” Freakazoid said with a naughty giggle.
“Can I finger you? Am also good with my mouth as a woman I know just what your fantasies are.
"Mmmm that sound interesting said Frekazoid as she propped up on the office table. She slipped off her knickers and her well moistened Benghazi came into view.
I hurried to the sink and washed my hands warming them dry with hot air. Drill was at full throttle under the skirt as I approached the table. I was walking past the high velocity industrial fan when air blew off my Brazilian wig. As I made to get it back my skirt slipped down exposing Drill at full capacity.
"What! a terrified Freakazoid asked as her eyes hovered back and forth from drill to the wig, Are you not Aunty Josephine? How come… O my God its you The Bonking Donkey she said as she reached for the ash tray. I scampered out of the office the ash tray narrowly missing the nape of my neck. Damn I said to myself. Some women are lucky.
Bonking Donkey

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby TX » 28th September 2011, 19:22

Thanks for that weekly lecture in this university of bonking, prof BD.

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby chansa » 29th September 2011, 08:18

ba bonking donkey. you remind me of me years back. i also used to think i was God's gift to women.

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby MUSWEMA » 29th September 2011, 08:24

Hehehe.... Interesting Donkey. Now you are doing a PhD thesis on Bonking. I however think your logic is slightly flawed - Orgasm leading to world peace?? Awe mwandi!

I dont know now whether you are an assasin or a scholar.

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Imbwa » 29th September 2011, 08:29

ba Chansa, you remind of me a few months back. i used to think BD was a male ass with an insatiable sexual appetite. It turns out BD is a nice house wife who likes to write fictitious and yes, utterly kinky sexual fantasies, over the Internet.

p.s. The connection between BD’s wild fictitious sexual misadventures and her real sex life is yet to be established.

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Freakazoid » 29th September 2011, 15:30

I grew suspicious Aunty Josey was giving me too much information, information about things i already knew. In my mind i was trying to figure out what the catch was, was she after money, was she after my husband or was she just trying to be plain nice....too suspicious for my liking. I played along with her game, i knew all would be revealed soon. I left my trusty assistant, Sweet a Sugar in charge of the fan, i warned her to listen carefully to the conversation and switch the fan on at full blast immediately things seemed to be turning to a sexual nature. Sweet as Sugar, as sweet as she is followed instructions to the T, the fan came on and Donkeys pathetic disguise was revealed, haha he who laughs last, laughs the loudest...Too bad Donkey better luck next time!!!

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Girl » 29th September 2011, 16:14

Freakazoid, Imbwa,

You telling me Bonking Donkey is female??? In that case I have gone into camatose :-o

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Airborne » 29th September 2011, 19:30

BD is no female or i will leave my job in search of her bonking skill,what can a man lucky from diverse sexual mantra

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Freakazoid » 30th September 2011, 09:10

Girl and Airborne i cheat u not Donkey is a female, ask her ..

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Girl » 30th September 2011, 10:02

Bonking Donkey, are you female? Honest.

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Donchikubeba » 30th September 2011, 12:07

LIES,LIES LIES !!! when will you people ever quite your aimless and insulting suggestions that BD is a woman ??, i refuse to stand and read these contemptuous,falsehoods ! BD is the personification of karmasutra, and if i may borrow an infidels words,BD is the gift of the gods to women.Do you not see the joy and fullfilment BD brings to the lives of the countless women who have been denied a menial service in life ? Bd, please forgive them , if you would be angry with them , to the unbelieving males may their punishment be a lasting erection without relief, to their pagan women.......( what would be worse,un ending orgasms or blockage of the well completely ? )............

I remain.

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Bonking Donkey. » 30th September 2011, 19:08

Art thou sin so crimson thou failest to see the truth?
Who on DZ knowest BD better than Freaka? I tell you the truth, thou shall bonk all the days of your life just as BD author shall drip every lunar till her appointed day cometh to pass.
Bonking Donkey.

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Bonking Donkey » 30th September 2011, 19:45

Thou speaketh like the well informed. Verily verily i say unto thee, Mosi and castle or Tujilijili shall pass away but thou ability to bonk shall stay with thee till the end of time.
In so much as you sale decree the unending erection on the unbelieving male infidels, so be it.
Bonking Donkey

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Freakazoid » 1st October 2011, 12:10

Aye...Donkey is even a poet...multi-talented !!!

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Inky Pinky Ponky » 2nd October 2011, 09:48

Bonkey is just enjoying the mystery the debate of his gender shrouds around his identity. in my opinion bonkey is one of the naughty regulars and most likely (i bet a five pin) is Airborne.
Inky Pinky Ponky

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Donchikubeba » 3rd October 2011, 09:09

BD, may they suffer , not even in the oiliest benghazi shall they find relief !!

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby Girl » 3rd October 2011, 16:49

No ways!!! Is a dude Bonking Donkey, is a dude! Inky Pinky Ponky is right, BD has just found thrill in playing psyche with us. No ways is BD female, Freaka! BD inserts...he is not inserted into, I REFUSE!

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby BD Author. Mrs GCT » 3rd October 2011, 18:10

Why art thou doubt what is plainly before you? Art thou failest to separate the character BD from the THE BD Author Mrs GCT? Thou shall be asked to poke your fingers in my oily benghazi and only ten shall you believe that every lunar i like you shed a mixture of plasma. erythrocytes, thrombocytes, platelates, lymphocytes. But happy are those who believe without seeing for they shall find relief in the oily benghazi of Mrs GTC.
BD Author. Mrs GCT

Re: The Bonking Donkey- Some women are lucky.

Postby BD Author. Mrs GCT » 3rd October 2011, 18:13

Inky Pinky Ponky
Art thou cause to be ridiculed an innocent Man? Airbone and BD aint one. He is in me and i in him and him and i are two. Let those with ears hear.
BD Author. Mrs GCT

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