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Dear all,

As we indicated earlier, we have been negotiating with Google to extend the deadline for the migration of the ZOL email system beyond the 13th of June as many subscribers expressed concern that the notice was too short. We are pleased to inform you that we have been given a provisional one week extension up to 20th June 2015, although we have requested Google to give us up to 30th June 2015 as asked for by most of you who complained about the short notice.

We have been working to set up an alternative online payment system to the Paypal Merchant system. The Paypal merchant system does not work in Zambia as we explained earlier and we are awaiting our application to be approved by a new provider. Approval of online merchant accounts that can process credit and debit cards for African companies is has more stringent requirements. We have set up an online store on Zambia Online and our Facebook Page. Please note that ALL orders should now be made through the online store, including orders paid for by bank deposits. The pages are here:

Zambia Online: http://zambia.co.zm/store/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZambiaOnline/app_251458316228

Please note that we are not taking any cash payments at the office as they are more difficult to track and raise security challenges (there is a branch of Cavmont near Chester House just next to Shoprite in town).

Some of you asked for a contact person from Moneynet Enterprises Ltd with an alternative contact number and a location. You can call Mr Michael Chishala, the Technical Director of Moneynet on 0977848059. You can find us in #39 Chester House, Cairo Road, Lusaka.

As another alternative, you can send your payments through Airtel Money on 0977848059 or MTN Money on 0966848059. Please make your order through the ZOL store and select “Airtel Money Mobile Payments” or “MTN Money Mobile Payments” as the payment method. After completing your order, you can then send the mobile payment.

For those of you for whom all these methods cannot work, please get in touch with us to work out a separate arrangement. We shall give further updates in the next few days, especially on the credit/debit card processing.

Thank you.

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Update: Make your payments in the Zambia Online store.

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