Update on Deadline for ZOL Mail Migration

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We are pleased to inform our esteemed Zambia Online users that we have obtained an extension from Google to the 20th June 2015 deadline for the migration of the ZOL Mail system to the new paid service. This is the final extension and there will be no more extensions after that. The new deadline for all payments for the new ZOL Mail service is FRIDAY 10TH JULY 2015. We shall keep you updated of all relevant developments before and during the migration.

We wish to thank everyone that has paid for the new service so far and encourage the rest to make payments as soon as possible through the Zambia Online Store that has four payment options. If there are any challenges, we are ready to assist you. You can call us on 0977848059 or 0955819937.

ZOL Admins.

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kangwa nkonde


Emily Oliver

when there is a lot of free mail service i wonder why you want to charge for mail hosting


i want you to activate my email – earnest@zambia.co.zm ,text me all needed to 0977752583 ,i have used it more than 6 years.