ZOL Mail Migration Update Instructions

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Dear ZOL Mail user,

We wish to thank all of you that have paid for your Zambia Online account. We are almost ready to do the final migration into the new email system and as part of the process, those of you who have paid shall be required to do two more things:

a) Send us your login credentials for all the email accounts you have paid for (email addresses and password) to enable us do the full migration

b) After the migration, please change all your passwords to ensure your account is safe from hackers and spammers

We shall commence the final transition beginning this Saturday the 11th of July 2015. Your old mailbox in Google shall still be accessible and and the two systems shall run in parallel during the migration for some days. Upon successful completion of migration, we shall send you full details of how to login into the new system and change your old password.

We also wish to remind those that have paid but not yet emailed us with proof of payment to do so, stating which mailbox(es) they have paid for.

We shall keep you updated during the whole process.

Thank you,

ZOL Admins

Update: Make your payments in the Zambia Online store.

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