ZOL Mail Final Migration Update

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Dear ZOL Mail user,

We have almost completed the migration of the old emails into the new system for those of you that sent us your login details (ie email accounts and passwords). For those of you that wish to have your old emails imported, today is your last day to send us your login details. Any user that has not sent their login details will have a blank mailbox created for them with none of their old emails imported. It shall be assumed that they have made their own backup of their old emails.

If you wish to retain your ZOL mailbox but are not able to make payment, please send a formal request stating which mailboxes you want to keep, approximately when you think you can pay for them and the current passwords to the accounts if you wish old emails to be imported.

If you wish to pay, please place an order in our online store. There are 4 payment options that you shall see when you “check out” during the order process. Details of our bank account are also listed there. The online store is here:


The new email system shall become operational in the next 24-48 hours. You can login to your mailbox in the new system from the Zambia Online homepage (top right hand side). Not all mailboxes have finished importing so your account may not yet be ready. You can login from the homepage here:


We shall send further updates.

ZOL Admins.

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Siwila Davy

Please incude me on those that would like to return ZOL mail box and let me have the e-mails imported