ZOL Mail Decommissioned from Google

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Dear all,

We shall be decommissioning the ZOL Mail system from the Google servers over the next 24 hours. If you paid or requested for a time extension over your mailbox, please keep checking both systems just to make sure. We have provided a login form for the new system on the Zambia Online homepage in the top right corner.


There is also a link to the old Google system just below the login form for your convenience.

Those that did not get in touch over their mailboxes shall no longer have access to their mailboxes very soon as we have only migrated those that either paid or gave intention to pay.

Those that are late can still pay and have their ZOL mailbox created after the migration but are at risk of starting afresh with a blank mailbox if they are too late beyond the point when Google shall delete everything from their system.

We thank everyone for being with us for the last nine years and we welcome all the new paid users and hope to be with you for the next nine years.

ZOL Admins

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