Zambezi Magic Films Under Review: Zuba Is Coming Back


For the past few weeks, a trailer of Zuba (season three) has been running on Zambezi Magic and that must have excited the followers of the movie. It’s earmarked to premiere on September 9, 2019. I have seen comments to that effect on the Zuba Facebook page. Last time it showed on channel 160, I just got it midway and I was just piecing together the story when it suddenly ended. Luckily, The Road to Zuba, a run-through of the previous seasons, is showing to help us fill in the blanks. I don’t think it will be hard for me to follow the next season. So, you can rest assured of a broad-gauged review.


If the movie wasn’t prerecorded, you would think the producers put things straight when in my previous review I censured them for incongruous police outfit, beards and their unorthodox execution of power. This time, when Zambia Police raid Nguzu’s farm in search of the murderers of Mwale, Shupiwe’s ex-husband, the paramilitary police are clad in proper attire and well equipped; you would think it’s a real crackdown with real policemen. Or are they? I think so. They look like they are on duty and not in the movie.

Equally impressive is the use of Chelstone Police Station where the suspects, Tombi, Shupiwe, Jairos, and Logic, are detained. The scene is shot on location and that gives the actors impetus to portray real characters. Wait a minute! Is that how clean the police station is for real? Well! If all Zambian police cells looked like that, it wouldn’t be bad to spend a night there? Anyway, that’s beside the point.

Back at the farm. Before the arrest, Tombi is so worried about the future life of her son, Mabvuto, when she goes behind bars that she hysterically complains about it always. Ouch! From the viewers’ perspective, the complaining goes overboard and starts to get on our nerves and we lose sympathy for her. One thing writers forget is that prolonged and repeated sobbing, especially by the same character, pisses viewers off. Keep it brief, please!

So, Tombi is busted and back home Monde is gratified without hypocrisy. The two pretend to be friends when they have a common enemy but deep down their hearts, they are foes waiting to see each other’s demise. Now Tombi has one and Monde is on cloud nine.

Next door, Tamara (Shakirah Phiri) is perched on the hedge while criticizing Monde for lack of empathy for their fellow wife. She (Tamara) is well aware of her simmering trouble as her skeleton lies in the closet, so, keeping a long list of adversaries will leave her with minimal, if not zero, shoulders to cry on. She is good at fooling her husband with her sweet talk but one day fate will catch up with her; it always does in such cases.

Shakirah is one good actor who fitly portrays the character of a slay queen. She is not in the movie for unnecessary comedy but she realigns the flow when Cindy Daka (the cantankerous wife of Nguzu’s) and Cosmas Chilufya (that talkative guy who irritates viewers with his English) overact. Incidentally, these two are sister and brother in the story. There is not much interaction between the same talkative guy, Logic, and Tamara and the two don’t blend so well. Maybe I just haven’t paid particular attention. I will now.


I seem to be biased towards drama series and stay mute on comedies like Chintelelwe and Spoiler that have been showing for some time now. Well, like in the case of finished Bogade and Back to School, a person like me needs some energy drink to keep my eyes fixed on the screen while the said comedies run. In short, they easily tuck me in. But one of these fine days I’ll find the time and a solution to depress sleep and see what goes on in those films.

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