Zambezi Magic: Elkanah Luam Exits Zuba, Gets A Replacement


Elkanah Luam and Sam Sakala a.k.a. Dope G

Zuba suffers yet another blow as Elkanah Luam bids farewell to the cast. This is the third non-return exit of characters in season three alone. First, it was Shawn Millers, Franckie Versean Cox, and Francisca Muchangwe who disappeared just when the season started. This trio was acting as Yemba Sosala, Charles Sosala, and Suwi respectively. After some episodes, Muchangwe returned in the same capacity as Suwi but Millers and Cox never came back, so, Yemba died in jail while the whereabouts of Charles Sosala remain a mystery hitherto.

After much progress in the story, Anny Katamanda and Luam went under. Ouch! Losing the two at a goal would be a big setback. The script would undergo a lot of editing. Perhaps even ending the story abruptly. Luckily, Katamanda is back as Phingiwe but Luam is not.

In his official statement published in the media, this is what Luam said, “Thank you to all the loyal fans who have been there since day one, until we meet again, goodbye for now.”

Then he went on to say, “With a mixture of feelings I announce my official exit from Zuba the television series on Zambezi Magic. It has been an incredible journey from where we started to where we are now. Thank you to all the amazing fans who have helped carry the show over the years. The best is yet to come. I’ll see you soon.”

Hey, did you detect a little ray of hope in the statement? Well, maybe we’ll see him in a different movie or some other form of performance. But the question lingering on the lips of many is why there are so many sudden breakups in just one production. The answer is not farfetched.

Sources say Luam opted out because of exploitation by the owners of the production. He is one of the top actors in Zuba but his take home paycheck is said to be below K10,000 per month. For a celebrity, that looks like peanuts because these guys need to move in cars; not necessarily for the sake of mobility but to avoid being mobbed. They are celebrities, you know! Who wouldn’t want to take a glimpse of them in person?

Okay, Luam is out but the story must go on. So, it undergoes a twist; Thando (Luam) and Phingiwe (Katamabda) are kidnapped. Does the author ‘kill’ somebody again? No! The death of those two characters would entail rewriting the remaining part of the story in its entirety. So, somebody rescues them from the kidnappers. But not without bruises. Luam is gone for keeps and is replaced. Sam Sakala, otherwise known as Dope G in music circles, fitly assumes the role.

Dope G is no stranger to cameras as he is already a televised musician. Perhaps this could be the reason why he fits into Luam’s shoes as easily as you would expect an experienced artiste to do. However, there is a likelihood that prior to the change he was watching the movie and building castles in the air. Now Luam’s part is on his laps and what is he going to do with it? There is a little challenge. He must convince the audience that he is not intimidated by Mwaka Mugala’s charming looks. They are just knowing each other, so you expect that little uneasiness, especially in the man.

This is all I am able to concoct from the bits and pieces that I collected from the video clips and stories in the media as I am still not yet in the position to watch Dstv.

About the new-look featured image and heading, I’m trying to expand my coverage. Zambezi Magic is not the only game in town, so, where possible, I’ll include films from other channels and other sources outside dstv.

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