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The Zambian Presidential Elections – Part 2 : What Zambia 2011 Can Learn From America 2012

  ||    16 August 2011
Just as Zambia heads to the polls, American presidential election campaigns are already starting to heat up too. But whereas Zambians will be voting in about a month’s time, Americans will only be voting next year.

ZAMBIAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: To vote for the young or for the old?

  ||    21 July 2011
The upcoming elections have an interesting coincidence among the four leading candidates so far. Two of them are from the oldest generation of living Zambians, being way past the official life expectancy of Zambia.

Simplify Rules of Origin, COMESA urges Members

  ||    7 April 2011
THE Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) has urged member states in the three regional economic communities (RECs) to simplify the rules of origin to enable business community exploit trade integration.

STANLEY CHUMFWA: The Eternal King of Zambian Chess

  ||    3 January 2011
The Zambia Chess national team was the most overachieving team in the world at the recent 2010 Chess Olympiads, the world’s biggest international chess tournament. They were ranked 121st but managed to come out at position 47th (out of 148 countries) by the end of the tournament.

How Kenneth Kaunda Aborted The Zambian Dream

  ||    5 October 2010
__A Review of “The Musakanya Papers”__ First off the book’s negatives: I’m not sure that the late Mr. Valentine Musakanya (VM) would be overly impressed with the quality of this book, both esthetically and editorially – in the sense of proof reading, not the quality of the content itself.

2007 Politician of the Year: Mundia Sikatana

  ||    13 December 2007
Mundia Sikatana has an incredible spirit. This is the only foreign affairs minister in Africa who has openly condemned the human rights abuses of Robert Mugabe.

Rewriting the History of Kenneth Kaunda?

  ||    5 May 2004
Natural scientists, perhaps more than anyone else, understand the vital value of intellectual honesty. Without it, they cannot do any of their work. Without it, science cannot make any progress at all. What is intellectual honesty? It is better understood as the opposite of ‘intellectual dishonesty’.

Commentary on Post commentary

  ||    25 May 2003
We will from time to time make some comments on the anti-capitalist editorials of the Post newspaper so that the readers could get a bit of a balance to these ostensibly passionate attacks. This month I take an editorial entitled ‘World Bank and ZNCB’ (Saturday Post May 17th).

Is high Government borrowing really responsible for high interest rates?

  ||    14 April 2003
(Please note that the following article was written at the end of 2002, though it has become even more relevant today, a few months later.) Question.

Emmanuel Kasonde and Free Market Ideology

  ||    27 January 2003
Recent months and weeks have made the government’s finance minister, Emmanuel Kasonde very unpopular among the ranks of our intellectuals and his fellow politicians. He is viewed as the IMF’s stooge in government, especially after he tried to insist that privatisation of Zambia National Commercial Bank is imperative.
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