It would be nice if the poor were to get even half of the money that is spent in studying them. — Bill Vaughan

Vision Aid Overseas – Helping the World to See

  ||    19 August 2014
Sight is one of the precious gifts that the almighty God has bestowed to humans and, of course, other members of the animal kingdom. Sadly, however, many lose it because they lack access to facilities where they can receive help when eye problems start.

The Many Faces of the Zambia International Trade Fair

  ||    5 August 2014
During the past 50 years the Zambia International Trade Fair has seen significant transformation in terms of exhibition and gate charges – but mostly to the displeasure of the public. Those who visited the show in the seventies would attest to the diminished amusement that modern-day show goers are treated to.


  ||    25 July 2014
zambianswimmers WRITTEN BY BRIAN MULENGA (via Facebook). I will start by making a controversial statement. We black Zambians are racists. We hide behind our supposedly friendly nature but always we try to be more Zambian than other Zambians of a different colour.

Reminiscing on the Naming of Heroes National Stadium

  ||    27 May 2014
In whatever pomp, in whatever line of attack or lack thereof, the Heroes National Stadium has finally been opened. Hitherto, we can not completely ignore some ‘disaster’ in the route to its delayed commissioning; talk about delays in connecting electricity, water and access roads.

A Vendetta against Vedanta? – part 2

  ||    21 May 2014
As calls for nationalization or increased taxation of Vedanta’s KCM mine in Zambia grow, it is interesting to find many people who believe that they are actually not being motivated by any sort of envy when they demand that KCM pays more in (backdated) taxes. They tell themselves that they are only demanding “fairness.

Dear Zambia



ABC NewsNetflix Takes Aim at the Theatrical WindowABC NewsHollywood's carefully controlled system of movie rollouts is officially under siege. Windowing — the practice of opening a movie first in theaters and then in other stages of home video, streaming and television release — has been under increasing pressure ...Chains Spurn
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
Irish IndependentGeorge Clooney and Amal Alamuddin first pictures from wedding are revealedDaily MailAll images that were taken on the approved cameras were routed to a database that George's people could access, therefore if any photos were then touted to the media, George would immediately be able to track down the
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
Daily MailKim Kardashian flashes her cleavage in extremely low-cut bodiceDaily MailKim's been supporting younger sister Kendall Jenner at Paris Fashion Week but on Tuesday the mother-of-one skipped Kendall's appearance at the Chanel show, instead heading to Studio Zero for a secret photoshoot with supermodel Cara Delevingne ...Celebrity prankster Vitalii Sediuk
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
Pitch WeeklyDavid Fincher overthinks Gone GirlPitch WeeklyNo book is really unfilmable, though of course watchability is another matter. But some movie adaptations prove to be uncastable. That's the main problem with David Fincher's flawlessly engineered but inert Gone Girl, which asks more of Rosamund Pike than ...Gone Girl is Smartly
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
Christian Science MonitorTracy Morgan 'Can't Believe' Walmart Blames Him for InjuriesNBCNews.comTracy Morgan is aghast that Walmart claims he and other passengers in a limo struck from behind by a Walmart truck were partly to blame for their injuries because they weren't wearing seat belts, saying Tuesday he "can't believe Walmart
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
Access HollywoodDiddy On Ex Jennifer Lopez's 'Booty': 'It's A Work Of Art!'Access HollywoodDiddy and Jennifer Lopez dated for two years back in 1999, and he's still impressed with his ex's legendary backside. The music mogul stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday to promote Revolt TV's upcoming music conference, where
Wed, Oct 01, 2014


BetaNewsGoogle triples bug bounty reward range to $15000PCWorldGoogle has tripled its maximum reward for finding flaws in its software to US$15,000, a figure the company hopes will deter independent researchers from selling their information on shady markets. The company had paid a minimum of $500 up to $5,000.Find a bug
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
Sydney Morning HeraldAustralian among people charged with hacking US Army, XBox softwareSydney Morning HeraldFour members of an international hacking ring, including an Australian, have been charged with cracking the networks of the US Army and developers of blockbuster war video games to steal software and data. Two of the men
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
Latin PostSubaru WRX Tops List of Most-Ticketed Cars: Where's Yours?Latin PostOne out of every three who drive a Subaru WRX has had a recent traffic violation, which places the turbocharged sport-compact at the top of this year's list of most-ticketed automobiles, says Results from a new study release by
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
ComputerworldWith Windows 10, a contrite Microsoft tries to atone for Windows 8ComputerworldHumbled by businesses' dislike for Windows 8, Microsoft has issued a mea culpa, offered the world a first peek at Windows 10 and pledged that the new OS will delight IT executives. But the true test of whether Microsoft
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
ComputerworldOracle CTO Ellison Rolls Up Sleeves, Gives Live Tech Demos At OpenWorldCRNOracle recently got a new CTO -- his name is Larry Ellison and he's better known as the guy who co-founded the company and has spent the better part of four decades building it into an enterprise software powerhouse.
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
Tom's GuideFBI Clashes with Apple, Google Over Phone EncryptionTom's GuideWhen it comes to the U.S. federal government, one thing is clear: They want mass access to consumer data, and they want it bad. In the wake of the NSA's ability to snoop into people's private files, Apple and Google have
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
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