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Marriage is the only war where you sleep with the enemy.

— Gary Busey

Ndola – A Tourist City in the Bud

  ||    15 November 2016
WHEN you think of Zambia, likely you even hear the ‘thundering smoke’ of the Victoria fall. But there are other places of interest elsewhere in the country. Ndola city alone has more than seven interesting tourist sights despite ranking nowhere near the most visited places like Hong Kong, London or Rome.

Dear Next Zambian President – Part Two

  ||    15 July 2016
I hope my letter finds you well. I last wrote to you on 18th December 2014 with some suggestions for your presidency Since that last letter, things have gotten worse politically and economically in Zambia. I hope you can take into consideration the following further advice from a concerned citizen because desperate times call for bold, decisive action.

Zambia Online Mail Update on Google System

  ||    13 August 2015
Dear ZOL Mail user, As indicated earlier, we have been importing old emails up to 17th July 2015 after Google reopened the old GMail system temporarily which they had shut down. The importation process is nearing completion with 94% of mailboxes processed.

The “Simple” Solution for Loadshedding

  ||    29 July 2015
The current mess at ZESCO with load shedding and all the politically induced problems there can be solved if courageous people can bite the bullet and make the right choices. I don’t know why we are beating about the bush and trying to complicate things.

Zesco Blames Mother Nature for Load Shedding

  ||    23 July 2015
Zesco has managed to convince the Zambians that the massive load shedding they are experiencing is due to the low water level in Lake Kariba. The power utility company has further attributed the diminished quantity of water in the lake to poor rainfall during the 2014/2015 rainy season.

Dear Zambia



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