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Message Count:   1239
Date Sent:   19th November 2023
End Date:   1st January 2024
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Zambia Online (ZOL) is proud to announce that we have introduced a password recovery option in our system that is simple and straight-forward to use when you forget your password.

The new feature allows you to generate a password reset link that is sent to both your alternative email address and as an SMS on your phone.

Just go to this link:

Enter your ZOL email address (eg, submit and you shall receive a link on your alternative email and also an SMS on your phone which you click on to reset your ZOL email account password.

The link is valid for one hour only as a security measure and expires once you have reset the password. Kindly ensure your alternative email and phone number are up to date by searching in your mailbox for our last email asking you to update your contact details. Search for "Zambia Online Email Details Update".

We shall send another round of emails for contact details updating which should be ignored if you have already done so.

SMS Text:   We have introduced email password recovery functionality. Check your email for details.
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