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Date Sent:   22nd February 2024
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If you are trying to set up email for your phone / tablet or laptop using Outlook / Thunderbird, do the following:

  1. Ensure the settings for incoming and outgoing server are correct. Use the following:

    Incoming mail server (IMAP) —
    Connection security — SSL
    Port — 993

    Outgoing mail server —
    Connection security — SSL
    Port — 465

  2. If the above is correct but the password is rejected, create an "app password" as follows.

    STEP 1
    Log in from the browser using LAPTOP or COMPUTER (or use desktop version of website on mobile device) at:

    After logging in, go to "Security" (left menu).

    STEP 2
    Scroll to the bottom of the Security page that opens and go to "App passwords". Click on "Use app passwords".

    STEP 3
    Then click on "Email Address" which is the first choice on the list that will appear.

    STEP 4
    A popup will show and then type in any name for this password just to distinguish it (eg a word, initials, a name, etc). Click "Next".

    STEP 5
    An app password will then show on the screen. It is ONLY SHOWN ONCE so you need to write it down or copy it or save it somewhere or take a screenshot.

    Use this as your password in the email settings on your phone app, tablet app or on a computer in Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. If you lose this password in future, you can come back and create a new one.


SMS Text:   To set up email for your phone / tablet or laptop using Outlook / Thunderbird etc, check your email now for instructions.
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