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Business News

State to enforce consumer law

  ||    18 March 2013

State to decide on 10 p.c concentrates tax request

  ||    12 February 2013
MUKANGA By GIDEON THOLE  – GOVERNMENT is yet to make a decision on calls by the Zambian mining industry for the removal of 10 per cent duty on copper concentrates to allow for the processing of the ore outside the country.

KCM to create 600 jobs

  ||    8 February 2013
JANAKARAJ By MAIMBOLWA MULIKELELA – KONKOLA Copper Mines (KCM) PLC will invest KR1billion (US$200 million) in the Mimbula Open Pit Mine project, which is expected to generate 600 jobs for the local people.

KASCOL ups sugarcane output

  ||    7 February 2013

TAZARA restores container handling capacity

  ||    7 February 2013
By JUDITH NAMUTOWE  – THE Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) has restored its container handling capacity at various stations in both Tanzania and Zambia.

‘South Africa won’t abandon trade with Zambia’

  ||    7 February 2013
By GIDEON THOLE  – SOUTH Africa will not abandon trading with Zambia as it seeks to enter into new business partnerships with China and  Brazil, High Commission Political Counsellor Patrick Jacobs has said.

Zambia’s tourism resilient

  ||    6 February 2013
MASEBO By JUDITH NAMUTOWE  – THE tourism industry in Zambia has continued to show its resilience as an economic driver of the country, inspite of the many challenges the sector is faced with. It is an important sector in that it contributes significantly to job creation not only in Zambia but the region at large.

Stanchart to inject $300m in local SMEs

  ||    6 February 2013
MIZINGA MELU By MAIMBOLWA MULIKELELA  – THE small-scale business sector is to receive a boost from Standard Chatered Bank which has projected to inject a total of US$300 million to support the growth of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) in the country.

Govt ‘ll maintain good policies — Chikwanda

  ||    6 February 2013
CHIKWANDA By KAIKO NAMUSA – GOVERNMENT will continue improving policy measures aimed at fostering growth and strengthening corporate governance, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda has said. Mr Chikwanda said maintaining a conducive environment that supported private sector led-growth, favourable to local and foreign investment was a priority to the Government.

PACRA proposal on course

  ||    5 February 2013
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