Sampamania: Will HH’s Imingalato Against PF-Lungu Backfire?

If one watches WWE, it’s taken for the fact—yet it is scripted entertainment that has held millions glued to their TVs year in and year out. So is Miles Sampa’s stunt on the PF Presidency—it is HH’s shameful mingalato directed at Edgar Lungu’s ascendancy in the 2026 race. Just as KK threatened FTJ Chiluba in 1996, HH and his cronies know that Lungu is the deadly fence between prison and freedom in 2026. It’s a must win election. HH knows that Miles Sampa has a billion MILES to cover if he has to dethrone him in 2026. Thus he is a great pony to his political survival. And who doesn’t know Sampa lacks deadpan demeanor of any kind? Sampamania means one thing—an enemy of my friend is my friend! But is it a wise move for HH?


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