Kasama Residents Urged to Embrace Migratory Bats in Northern Zambia

Between October and December each year, a remarkable natural phenomenon takes place as thousands of African straw-coloured fruit bats descend into a tiny patch of evergreen swamp forest within Kasanka National Park. These bats, known for their impressive wingspans of up to a meter and adult weights of up to 350g, flock to the area to feast on the delectable pod mahogany, musuku, mufinsa, and milkwood fruits that appear with the first rains. The exact whereabouts of these bats during the rest of the year remain a mystery to scientists, though some are believed to reside in the rainforests of the Congo. In Kasanka, these bats represent a diverse mix of individuals, all at different stages of their breeding cycle, including mating, various stages of pregnancy, and caring for their young. This diversity suggests that they originate from various regions across Africa.

FULL ARTICLE: https://www.lusakatimes.com/2023/11/08/kasama-residents-urged-to-embrace-migratory-bats-in-northern-zambia/

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