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Sports betting can bring you the joy of winning and a solid income if you do not forget the 7 rules of responsible gambling from a reliable bookmaker 1xBet. In any sport, there are situations when the clear favorite loses, and the most incredible outcome turns out to be an irreversible reality. So if you bet too much money, you will lose everything. Even if you are 100% sure (you have studied the previous matches’ statistics, read expert forecasts and looked into the crystal ball), remember your bet may not work. We recommend betting only if you have money to risk. It is not worth playing to the last penny – especially if you have been saving to pay for an apartment, school or food. To avoid losing everything, set a limit for yourself and do not exceed it under any circumstances. If you lose some of the money, you can win back. But there will be no such chance if the entire amount is spent.


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