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Annual Zambia Online Email Renewal for 2016

  ||    27 July 2016
It is now one year since the Zambia Online service migrated out of the GMail system to the Yandex system and it is time for every user to renew their email accounts for the next one year. Please proceed as you did last year as everything remains exactly the same. Those that signed up this year do not need to do anything until next year.

Zambia Online Mail Update on Google System

  ||    13 August 2015
Dear ZOL Mail user, As indicated earlier, we have been importing old emails up to 17th July 2015 after Google reopened the old GMail system temporarily which they had shut down. The importation process is nearing completion with 94% of mailboxes processed.

ZOL Mail Migration Update on Passwords

  ||    18 July 2015
Dear Zambia Online mail user, We have successfully completed migration of the Zambia Online email system from Google who have now disabled access to your old mailboxes. Kindly immediately change your password from the old one you had in order to secure your account.

ZOL Mail Final Migration Completion

  ||    17 July 2015
Update: POP3 is not available. Please use IMAP. Dear all, We are changing the email domain records for to point to the new system and emails shall stop going into the Google system over the next 48 hours but to the new servers. Please keep checking both systems just to make sure.

ZOL Mail Decommissioned from Google

  ||    17 July 2015
Dear all, We shall be decommissioning the ZOL Mail system from the Google servers over the next 24 hours. If you paid or requested for a time extension over your mailbox, please keep checking both systems just to make sure.

ZOL Mail Final Migration Update

  ||    16 July 2015
Dear ZOL Mail user, We have almost completed the migration of the old emails into the new system for those of you that sent us your login details (ie email accounts and passwords).

Update on ZOL Mail Migration Tomorrow 11th July 2015

  ||    10 July 2015
We are commencing the final ZOL Mail migration tomorrow the 11th of July 2015. Your old mailbox shall still be accessible in the GMail system for some days as we copy your old emails into the new system.

ZOL Mail Migration Update Instructions

  ||    9 July 2015
Dear ZOL Mail user, We wish to thank all of you that have paid for your Zambia Online account.

Update on Deadline for ZOL Mail Migration

  ||    19 June 2015
We are pleased to inform our esteemed Zambia Online users that we have obtained an extension from Google to the 20th June 2015 deadline for the migration of the ZOL Mail system to the new paid service to FRIDAY 10TH JULY 2015. This is the final extension and there will be no more extensions after that.

Update: Online Payments for ZOL Mail

  ||    12 June 2015
Dear all, Our online merchant account processing system has been approved and is ready for use. You can now pay using credit and debit cards for your Zambia Online mailbox on our Zambia Online Store. Please make all your orders through the Zambia Online Store, regardless of what payment method you are using.
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